By Sam Kim and Justin Shawler
Staff Writer and Executive Editor

“We need to engage difficult racial issues at William & Mary, just as we grapple with those raised by sexual assault and harassment.”

President Reveley recently sent an email to the student body announcing that the College is in the process of creating a Task Force on Race and Race Relations.

“The task force will identify issues related to race relations on campus, engage them on their merits, and encourage meaningful conversation among people with different perspectives, so we can learn from one another and ensure we are a university where everyone is welcome and respected,” President Reveley said in his email.

Other than this brief statement, the administration has been slow to respond to any questions regarding the Task Force.

Despite the lack of details yet to be announced, students interviewed by the Informer responded positively to the Task Force. Some hope that the Task Force will help educate the community to be more aware of racial insensitivity.

Read on to learn more about the task force.

To read the rest of this issue, see the 2015 Issue II tag.

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