Recap: William & Mary @ James Madison University

by Dave and Kyle Chadwick (via the William & Mary Sports Blog,

zable stadium

It was a wet, cold, and windy day in Harrisonburg, Virginia for this matchup. Fans who stayed until the bitter end were treated to a dramatic finish–but it was not a finish that ended well for the Tribe. The offense showed signs of life in the first quarter, but faltered down the stretch. On the defensive side of the ball, the Tribe was not able to show up in the clutch and hold on to an 11 point lead in the fourth quarter.

Offense: The Tribe was able to march down the field in the first quarter by running the ball often, and occasionally throwing the ball. Mikal Abdul-Saboor would finish with 29 carries, 124 yards, and one touchdown on the day. William & Mary put up an impressive 10 points of offense in the first quarter. But although W&M was able to rack up some production on the ground throughout this match, the passing game faltered down the stretch–when it was needed most.

Quarterback Steve Cluley completed 14 of 25 passes for 172 yards and one touchdown. Senior wide receiver Tre McBride did not see the ball much at all in this contest–which was one of the main problems throughout the game. Each time Tre would line up wide, JMU made sure they had at least one safety over the top for help. This game plan worked out very well for the Dukes, as McBride was held with just 4 receptions for 29 yards. No receiver on the team had more receiving yards than true freshman tight end Andrew Caskins‘ 62 yards on the day, and no receivers had more than McBride’s 4 receptions.

Pretty quickly into this game, the offense looked out of sync. As mentioned, Tre was silent for much of the contest, the Dukes slowly but surely shut down the Tribe run game, and Cluley was not able to get into any sort of rhythm–either on the ground or through the air. W&M gained only 18 first downs to JMU’s 27. The offensive unit only amassed a mere 227 yards to JMU’s 445. What may have been the most frustrating was the Tribe’s inability to convert on third down, as the squad converted just 3 of 13 (23%) first down attempts.

Beyond the numbers, the offense was simply stymied by an average JMU defense. It wasn’t too surprising, given the fact that the team only put up 3 points against another average defense in the New Hampshire Wildcats–but unacceptable nonetheless. We can possibly chalk this one up to harsh Harrisonburg weather conditions and a young, maturing quarterback under center. But hey, maybe JMU’s defensive game plan was great. And could we have called better plays? Absolutely. Either way, the offense only produced 17 total points–which in the end, would not be nearly enough to outgain JMU’s high-powered offense.

Defense: The defense played lights out through three quarters of play. Early in the fourth quarter, William & Mary led the JMU Dukes by a score of 24-13. With 14:55 minutes left in the game, just about everyone in the stadium believed that the Tribe would walk away with a victory on JMU’s Homecoming game (though, we’re sure Dukes fans would disagree!). But JMU’s offense would leave their mark on this one before it was all said and done.

In the first three quarters, W&M forced several JMU punts. This was somewhat surprising against the fast-paced, hurry up JMU offense that is known for scoring points in bunches. The Tribe held JMU to ~14 yards rushing in the entire first half. If not for a 20+ yard scramble by JMU QB Vad Lee to end the second quarter, the Dukes would have been held to negative rushing yards through two quarters of play. This was a major accomplishment for the Tribe, especially against a JMU Dukes team that is known for running the ball well. In the game, William & Mary impressively held JMU to just 121 total rushing yards.

Another positive was the team’s ability to get after the quarterback. CAA Preseason Defensive Player of the Year Mike Reilly finished with an impressive 2.5 sacks, and Tyler Claytor followed suit with 1.5 sacks. What makes these numbers more impressive is the fact that Vad Lee is known for his scrambling ability, but Lee was held to a meager 30 yards rushing in the game. In this aspect, W&M was able to contain Vad Lee very well throughout most of the game.

As noted, W&M was up by a score of 24-13 with 14:55 left in the fourth quarter. James Madison, running their hurry up offense, was then able to quickly score on all three of their next three drives. The Dukes converted a field goal, two touchdowns, and one 2 point attempt to end the game with 31 points to the Tribe’s 24. The defense was methodically picked apart by Vad Lee’s arm, and JMU receiver Daniel Brown was able to repeatedly torch the W&M secondary, finishing with 128 yards and one touchdown. In total, the defense gave up 18 points in the fourth quarter. The worst part about it was the fact that the Tribe had played great defense for three long quarters against a great offense. But in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Special Teams: Redshirt freshman Nick Dorka again filled in for placekicker John Carpenter and for sophomore punter Hunter Windmuller. Dorka, as he did last week against Delaware, performed fairly well. He converted on a 23 yard field goal, but missed a crucial 38 yard field goal, that would have put the Tribe up 27-23 toward the end of the fourth quarter. In the punting game, Dorka averaged 40.6 punting yards on 5 punts.

Before leaving the game with an injury, true freshman DeVonte Dedmon was having a great game. He ripped off a few eye-popping kick returns, including one staggering 77 yard return to the JMU 19 yard line. He is an incredibly shifty and speedy athlete that can make serious moves in space. He added to his 137 kick return yards with 2 receptions for 37 yards and one touchdown on offense–totaling 174 all-purpose yards. Dedmon’s 174 total yards was the most in the game for both teams. We really hope that Dedmon’s injury isn’t anything serious, as he appeared to leave the field in the late third/early fourth quarter and did not return.

Contributing to this year’s incredible turnover margin, the Tribe was again able to block two punts. DeAndre Houston-Carson was able to get his hands on a JMU punt in the second quarter–setting up the W&M offense at the JMU 42 yard line. Striking again in the fourth quarter, Kendell Anderson blocked and caught a JMU punt at the one yard line, and took it into the end zone for a William & Mary score–putting the Tribe up 24-13. The ability for this team to block punts on special teams has been incredible, and it seems that W&M blocks a punt at least every other game; if not, every game. This has certainly been fun to watch, and we look forward to more blocks in the coming weeks.

Around the CAA: This weekend’s surprise came when the Richmond Spiders knocked off the Villanova Wildcats. Villanova is a very strong top 5 team, who will now surely fall in the rankings. The Tribe will have a tough matchup to look forward to against Richmond for the final game of the season. Next weekend’s opponent, Elon, lost in a close one to Towson by a score of 21-19.

Conclusion: Unfortunately for the Tribe, this loss to JMU may have been the dagger that halts any chance at a W&M FCS playoff berth. The CAA is very strong this year, and it is very likely that 4 teams will receive bids to the FCS playoffs. As of right now, the four teams seem to be Villanova, New Hampshire, Richmond, and JMU. The Tribe was not able to hold onto the lead this week but can look forward to finishing out the season strong against Elon, Towson, and Richmond–and hoping for the best. It’ll be especially fun to watch the continued maturation of quarterback Steve Cluley as this team looks to end the season on a high note. Now, on to Elon. LET’S GO TRIBE!

Tribe Basketball Preview

By Stephen Gricoski, Sports Editor

The weather’s getting colder and in less than a month we’ll be home enjoying Thanksgiving dinners. The month of November also brings about the beginning of the college basketball season, where in November 14th Gators in their season opener.

While Florida might prove to be a tough matchup, the Tribe have a lot to be excited about this upcoming season. Last season ended in the CAA championship, where they fell one shot short of the title and the first NCAA Tournament berth in school history.

The Tribe return eight players from last year’s team, including electric playmaker Marcus Thornton who was recently named the CAA preseason player of the year, as well as dynamic freshmen (now sophomores) Omar Prewitt and Daniel Dixon. This should give the Tribe strong perimeter play. And while the Tribe lost forward Tim Rusthoven, who was a dynamic presence in the paint, Junior Sean Sheldon and fan favorite Terry Tarpey should be able to pick up the slack.

In comparison, reigning champion Delaware graduated most of its starters, and it looks like the Tribe are the only team that finished in the top half of the CAA to return a substantial amount of their 2013 team. This leaves the CAA wide open for the Tribe, and most experts predict them to win the conference. They should expect to see strong competition from Northeastern, but barring surprises it should be a two horse race.

This year’s schedule features games against the University of Florida and UNC, as well as a handful of nationally televised CAA contests. They’re home opener on Tuesday, November 18th against Howard. Tipoff is at 7 PM.

Players to Watch

Marcus Thornton: Last year, Thornton scored 18.7 points per game, which was good for 4th the nation. He was selected to the all-CAA first team, and was named CAA player of the year. His ability to make plays will be crucial for the Tribe.

Omar Prewitt: Last year, Prewitt led all freshmen in the CAA in points, assists, three point percentage, free throw percentage, three pointers, steals, and defensive rebounding, leading for him to be named CAA rookie of the year. Prewitt will be a key cog on the Tribe’s offense.

See here for the full Tribe Basketball Schedule.

Drunchie Horoscopes: What your drunk food of choice says about you

By Ellen DeGenerate

There are two two-word phrases every emotionally charged college kid hates to hear: 1) It’s over. 2) Kitchen’s closed. What do you do when you hear the first one? Maybe shed a few tears and eat fried foods until some other hottie comes along you can smang. The second one? Maybe shed a few tears, too. But what do you do when hotties are abundant but food is nowhere to be found? Everyone deals with post-midnight drunchies in different ways. Here’s what your coping method says about you.

Home cooked meal:

You’re what people consider the “mom” of the friend group. You probably hold various leadership positions on campus and maybe even started your own club or charity event. Even though you’re everywhere on campus, people always seem to be shocked to see you at parties. “She goes out? What?”. And you’re all like, “Come on!”. Just because you raise your hand in class and think business casual is fun doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! You’re a cool mom! You wish people would look past your responsibility, high GPA, and amazing qualifications to see the real you—someone who can slap the bag with the best of them. Word of advice: Stop wearing J. Crew statement necklaces to keggers.


You’re someone who enjoys the comfortable life. Spontaneity’s not really your thing. While you admire adventurous people, hanging out with them makes you sweaty and nervous. Sure, you always dream of being a mountain climber and travelling all over the world, but in reality you’d probably be happier in bed with Netflix and your kick-ass memory foam mattress topper from Costco. Domino’s orderers also may be prone to recycling jokes at social outings, re-watching their favorite movies/shows, and being momma’s boys. Life is grand with Domino’s in your hand. Until you run out of flex. Then everything just blows.

China House:

You’re what most people would call a risk-taker—the risk here being that your food will never actually come, or arrive 2 hours late. But whatever man. What’s life without a little danger? Speaking of danger, did I mention that you wear a leather jacket? And frequently have sex in public places? You may seem a little crazy to other people, but you have your soft spots. You’re a true romantic at heart, no matter how much you try to drown it in badassery and soy sauce. You might even swoon a little when your fortune cookie tells you “The one you love is closer than you think.” Hint: The babe you pounded on the porch of Wren? Probably not them. But don’t lose hope, young grasshopper. No pain, no gain. Lo mein.

Wawa Sub:

You’re a freshman. Either that or you’re sexually inexperienced, or going through a dry spell. I know that’s harsh, but face it. Once you’ve downed a 12-inch meatball sub, there’s no hope for sexy time. You’re done. No one wants to touch you if you have remnants of buffalo sauce all over your face, and you’ll probably be looking at some severe indigestion about half an hour after consumption anyways. After eating one of these bad boys, the only thing you can expect to do for the rest of the night is curl up in bed and stare miserably at the jar of Lifestyles on your desk that you got for free during orientation. Will you ever get to use them? The world may never know. Better question, how do they work? Are you a bad kisser?

Mac and Cheese:

The Audrey Hepburn of foods. Tis a classic. And like Audrey Hepburn says, “I was born with an incredible desire to love and passionate need to give it.” Aka you’re kind of a slut. But the lovable kind! You probably got some unsuspecting suitor to whip out their debit card and buy this mac for you, right? Poor kid. You’ll probably leave them at the door with an awkward one-armed hug goodbye. But you feel nothing. You make sure not to get too attached, and you always have the upper hand in your relationships. Leave them wanting more, and they’ll always come back/be available for booty calls right? It would appear. A fare warning, though—this school is small. Pretty soon people will catch onto your games, and you might end up with a player’s reputation. But until then, keep eating hot artificial Wawa cheese and making out with people on the dance floor. We’re all jealous.

Carrots/Apples/Celery/Nutrition of any kind:

You’re a frequent shopper at the “organic” section of Wawa. You know, the wooden cart that holds oodles of dried bananas and nuts and other bird foods. News flash: None of that stuff is actually healthy and you’re the most hated person in your friend group. I’m sorry, but someone had to tell you. Me and Natalie have been talking about you behind your back for weeks, and you’re just, like, boring. You either have a giant stick up your back hole or just a giant stalk of celery. Whatever it is, get it out of there and for the love of god stop asking Sig Chi if they have any light beer.


How do I say this……you’re needy. You’re that person who constantly blows up the group message to ask “Where are u” or “What r u guys doing rn?”. You expect all of your friends to put forth the same effort you put in, which is a combination of overwhelming, terrifying, and annoying. As a matter of fact, you probably assaulted the previously mentioned group message until one of your sober friends caved in and agreed to drive you to Cookout. Was it worth it? As well intentioned as you may be, your corndog, quesadilla, cheeseburger, and milkshake tray is a lot like your friendship—too much of a good thing.

Winter Is Coming: A Review on Things to Cuddle in the Cold

By Erin Morris, Associate Features Editor

It is upon us. The cold has set in on our little hovel of a town and we must all deal with this tragedy. But what better way to stay warm in this godforsaken climate than a good old- fashioned cuddle. “But what/who do I cuddle?!?!?” Don’t worry, sweet sweet TWAMP, here is a comprehensive review to cure your SAD.

winter is coming

Your Textbook: B

The textbook warrants a solid “eh.” Sure it may be uncomfortable and slightly sad that you’re cuddling with a hard cover Astronomy book dampened by your tears, but at least you have the book! Anyways, knowledge is definitely transferred through osmosis so be prepared to ace those finals.

Clean Laundry: A

Nothing beats those warm, fresh out the dryer lonely cuddles! The smell of clean laundry covers the sadness that is the outdoors, allowing you to feel human again. Doesn’t matter if it’s folded nicely or in a pile on your bed, this is the best cuddle since the last time you felt human touch!

Puppy: A++

This should be obvious. Puppy>>>>>>>

Wet Towel: C

This is the opposite of all the things that clean laundry provides. Instead of warmth, this cuddle is mainly cold and depressing. Nothing says happy winter like a freezing sad lump of towel. But hey, at least you showered! Look at you go!

Wawa Meatball Sub: A-

Yum. Simply put, this is the best sub you could ever order from Wawa. Those meatballs smothered in tasty marinara steaming under melted Parmesan. Commence drooling. Cuddling up to this bad boy means you’re having a great day, keeping warm against the wind and horrible Williamsburg elements. However, this sub will never be the living thing you’ve been hoping for, so trade up next time for something that has eyes and breaths.

That Guy/Girl You Just Met: C-

He/She’s warm. He/She’s cute. He/She’s of the physical of the world. But does he/she quell the loneliness? No. As Jack’s Mannequin says, “do you ever feel alone in a crowded room?” You do, especially with this rando.

Your Knees: C

The fetal position is a go-to for the consistently lonely cuddler. With your laptop perched at the end of your bed marathoning Dawson’s Creek, reality is kind of sad for you. A solid C, maybe try to leave the bed, make some friends, experience life outside your cave of a dorm room. Whatever you decide to do, start by letting go of your knees.

“WHAT?!” You’re definitely thinking. “What about my BOOTHANG?? He/She is the best cuddler everrrrr.” Sure, but nobody wants to cuddle with your boo other than you. Plus, nothing says you love your alone time like cuddling with inanimate objects. Now go forth, young Padawans, experience all that life has to cuddle.

“The W&M Tripe Sport Report”

by Anonymous

Charging off a frankly startling victory against the other team, the “W and M” sports squad has “refused to lose” against future team(s) they face. The head “Coach” released a written statement exclusively to the Informer after the game: “You know, the guys really capitalized on opportunities in the red zone today and you know I gotta you know give it to the guys, ‘cause they…uh…you know played it…put it…all out there on the [side]line. You know. And we…uh we…we…you know.”

The team looked to be slumping before the half, but they came out of the locker room “smiling and ready for snacks,” says player “3” who went on to speak for 30 tense minutes about why he chose that number to put on his game shirt. The squadron seemed to unanimously agree with the recent American Sport(s) Poll, which placed them at “#1”. “We’re number 1,” said several teamers in an exclusive 3-second interview with The [Virginia] Informer at the stadium urinals.

I caught up with the other sports team to ask them how they didn’t win. “We had White Castle take-out on the way to the game,” said one of the 17 nauseous bench-riders, proceeding to projectile vomit all over our [iPhone] cameraman. He followed up with us later in an exclusive Informer press conference, remarking, “I’m sorry I blew chunks on you man,” referring to the Informer’s own Harold-the-cameraman. “I’ll buy you a new turtleneck.”

Indeed, upon a careful review of Informer exclusive game footage, it does sound like only three opposing players reached the playing surface to face the Tripe team. But our exclusive Informer cameraman Harold had the [iPhone] camera turned around on selfie mode for the duration of the game, so all that is apparent is that he looked a bit constipated and at one point a man poured his soda pop on Harold’s head.

Our exclusive Informer sideline announcer, Gertrude, did her “after-the-game’s-over” report, but Harold failed to appear on-site to film her so we have no record of her insights. We do have a written statement via SMS text message addressed to Harold reading, “Get the *&$% over here you *&*%–^#$$! What the $*%* could you possibly be doing right now?” Harold was found trying to bathe himself with toilet water.

I sprinted 600 meters across the parking lot and caught back up with the head “Coach” again with the intention of asking him about his team strategy. Unfortunately, I was out of breath and all I said was “ball?” and “fun.” He got in his car and left, but we were able to capture an exclusive Informer written statement from him on his “Twitter” account that reads, “We won.”

In the BIG championship six years ago, the William & Mary woman’s squad won several of their games, so—according to exclusive Informer analytics “powered by Google”—the new season this year looks bright for the man’s team. One 27-year-old quintuple-redshirt sophomore—“big” Stew—returns at the “runabout” position, bringing maturity and a receding hairline to the team.

Our statistical records indicate that this is the winningest team since Jimmye Laycock retired. Be sure to come on out to see our sports squid play the game.

*The editors wish to note that “Tripe” in the title is clearly a trype-o. We know, it’s a herd misteak to stomach.

Save Us From Sodexo

Dear Reader,

The following excerpts are from my journal, and they detail my time during the early days the rule of Sodexo. These excerpts tell my tale of struggle, triumph, and starvation at the hands of our new food provider. I managed to survive, taking shelter in Wawa, while some of my fellow Tribesmen perished from malnourishment and disease at the hands of our new gastrointestinal overlords, albeit unintentionally. The rule of Sodexo is ongoing, and I am not sure how much longer I have until I succumb to the effects of its food. With that in mind, I give you the story of my life under Sodexo. I must note that, some weeks ago, this once triumphant warrior and resistance fighter wrote about good food not being a necessary component of a college experience. Of course,I still hold that opinion, but I said “good”, not “acceptable”. The food experienced in the tale below does not even meet the standards of “mediocre”, let alone “acceptable”.

I pray that everybody who reads this has found a way to survive, be it off of deer meat from Matoaka woods or the food in the Sexchange, whatever little is left of it at this point. The worst may be over now, so I encourage you all to fill togo boxes full of as many chocolate chip cookies as you can, and bury them in your room now so you may have food for the winter months.


Sam Glover

Day 1: I have just returned to campus from home, and I have learned that we were conquered by Sodexo. They ousted our previous food provider as its rule had been slowly crumbling for some time, and the students were beginning to rebel. The administration claims that Sodexo is our liberator, and says we should greet them as such, as they promise foods of fancy from gourmet barbecue to a taco truck. My stomach is small from my internship diet of plastic pens and stationery, and I hope to begin feasting again soon. So far everything else seems normal…

Day 5: I have been back on campus for several days now and find our new dining provider to be strange, if not completely appalling. Marketplace has shriveled to two restaurants and the Chick-fil-a cow has gone out to pasture. My meal plan is not accepted here anymore and my comrades have deserted what has become a stale snow globe. Strange new signage adorns all of the eateries now, and a strange language is spoken: dining dollars. This dialect sounds familiar, as I vaguely remember our deposed culinary rulers speaking it. I feel uneasy…

Day 7: I fear this may be my last entry, as I am trapped in a line for Sadler. I am stranded on the curb, and I close my eyes as I witness my friends falling down in front of me. I pray that I move forward, but I don’t know if our cafeteria conquerors will let me, or if I have the strength to…

Day 12: Some relief, as I have I have finally staggered into Sadler, and have sat down to eat. The scene inside is one of desperation, as students stand anxiously in long lines waiting for bread with pieces of meat. Should the person at the head of the line take too long, they shall be eviscerated by those behind them. I have the eerie feeling that this is a scene that Stalin would smile down upon, as we all struggle equally like a pissed off proletariat, and the assorted desserts offer many choices of the same red velvet cake. I will admit I am worried about the strange insect in my burger though, as I can feel it crawling through my intestines…

Day 15: Still no sign of the taco truck…what’s this about Twitter? They have time to tweet? What the hell are they tweeting? Just give me food.

Day 17: The Caf has become cluttered, and students make endless circles only to find endless lines. I grab some mints and brace myself for re-entry. There is a fancy new restaurant available but it is only for the elites… I can’t move… send help…

Day 19: I take refuge in Wawa, burying my face in mac’n cheese. Others have followed me here, and we plan on starting a new life in this place…

Day 40: A group of my fellow Wawa colonists and I have set about to repatriate to our once proud dining halls, as we can once again plan for our meals at Marketplace, albeit with dwindled options. Marketplace was only the first battleground for the resistance, and we plan to fight on until… Wait, what’s that van doing here… why are they coming towards me… DEAR GOD NO…

Day 55: I have just staggered out of the basement of Sadler, where I was held captive for a week along with my fellow resistance fighters. Some were forced to sample the vegan dishes and died from poisoning, others were killed and and ground into patties, their bones being used to flavor the soup. My body was found to be not tasty enough to be served, so I was set free. Stumbling home, I notice that the dining overlords have captured Lodge One, with the promise that paninis and pasta will be spewing from it soon… Scared from days past, I have to wonder…

Alumni offer guidance to current RAs

Members of the class of 1975 launched conference to directly serve college students

By Erin Morris

The VACUHO RA Conference was held this past weekend on October 31 and November 1 in Sadler Center. Resident Assistants from all over Virginia participated in workshops, listened to keynotes speakers, and shared experiences.

The objective of the conference was to help students recognize which skills cultivated as an RA would be beneficial from a career standpoint. Many of the workshops and speeches were organized by alumni who themselves were RAs at the College.

Alumni House

The VACUHO alumni conference is just one way the Class of 1975 has worked with the undergraduate community here at the College. The Class of 1975 launched the Staying Connected: Together Serving Others initiative on February 5, 2011 after the concept was suggested by James Van Black (’75) during their 35th reunion. Black envisioned and executed a five-year strategic plan to directly serve William and Mary undergraduate students. Black’s inspiration to start the project came directly from his classmates who wanted to start giving back to the community.

“I started it because so many classmates during my 35th were starting to think about giving back,” he said, “So I thought what if we corralled all this talent and did something to help the College?”

The main objective of the initiative was not simply to help the community, but to engage with undergraduate students.

“I don’t have any rules about what the program’s topics are, but I do have a rule that it has to involve undergraduate students,” said Black.

After writing the strategic plan, Black contacted Anne Woolley (’75) and her husband Mark Woolley (’77) about the Staying Connected: Together Serving Others initiative. The Woolley’s, who had both been members of the choir here at the College, launched the first major Staying Connected project with the objective of digitalizing historical choir documents from the tenure of Carl “Pappy” Fehr, their choir director. The Woolley’s, along with Norah Jones (’75) and Jane Terry (’75), successfully archived The Fehr Collection. The project has now expanded beyond the Pappy Fehr era as student volunteers in Special Collections are taught to scan, photograph, label, and digitize archives from many different collections.

Since launching the first project, Staying Connected has touched thousands of undergraduate students through a variety of different projects. Staying Connected is the main sponsor in the Active Citizens Conference, the Veterans Writing Project, the Cohen Career Center’s Tribe Partners program, Campus Kitchens, Residence Hall Programming, Student Athletic Advisory Council, Office of Community Engagement, and many more programs all across campus.

Most recently, a group of students have been working with the Staying Connected initiative to create a National Year of Service. The main objective of a National Year of Service is to inspire students to commit to a year of service upon graduating from the College. The student leader for the project Brianna Buch (’15) recognizes that alumni have played a critical role in bringing the project to life.

“The Class of ’75 has proved an invaluable asset in pursuing opportunities for National Service Year opportunities at William and Mary. Working with representatives from the class has been a tremendous honor and privilege, and we hope to see progress from our efforts for future classes,” she said. “The class of ’75 is working closely with student members of AskNot to educate, advocate and create infrastructure change to make a National Year of Service possible for all undergraduate students.”

Staying Connected: Together Serving Others does not mass advertise their initiative. Black purposely set up the initiative to only spread holistically and become “connected” with students through personal interaction and contact.